Validated Methods

Validated Bioanalytical Assays

We have a wide range of clinical and preclinical non-proprietary methods which are validated to current regulatory guidelines.  If a compound of interest is not listed, please contact us as we have vast experience in the development and validation of small and large molecules and we will usually be able to support your bioanalytical project at short notice.

 Our range of state-of-the-art instrumentation and technologies includes:

  • Waters Xevo™ TQ-XS and TQ-S LC-MS/MS systems
  • AB SCIEX API 4000™, 5000™ and TQ 6500+™ LC-MS/MS systems
  • Waters Acquity I-Class UPLC™ and Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC systems
  • Hamilton MicroLab Star robotics systems
  • Spark-Holland Symbiosis™ Pharma systems
  • Immunoassay
  • MSD systems
  • Watson LIMS and Labnotes ELN

Validated Bioanalytical Methods




Species & Matrix


1-Hydroxymidazolam 0.1 ng/mL100 ng/mL Human Plasma              LC-MS/MS
4'-Hydroxyflurbiprofen0.25 µg/mL   25 µg/mLHuman Urine LC-MS/MS  
4-Hydroxytolbutamide 10 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mL  Human Plasma LC-MS/MS
5-Aminosalicylic Acid (ASA)  5.0 µg/mL1,000 µg/mLHuman Urine LC-MS/MS
5-Aminosalicylic Acid (ASA)5.0 ng/mL5,000 ng/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
5-Hydroxyomeprazole5.0 ng/mL2,000 ng/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
6ß-Hydroxycortisol200 ng/mL35,000 ng/mLHuman Urine LC-MS/MS
7-Hydroxymethotrexate5.0 ng/mL1,000 ng/mL Human Plasma  LC-MS/MS
7-Hydroxymethotrexate20 ng/mL15,000 ng/mL Human Urine LC-MS/MS
9-Hydroxyrisperidone0.1 ng/mL100 ng/mLHuman Plasma LC-MS/MS
17-Hydroxyexemestane50 pg/mL5,000 pg/mL Human Plasma LC-MS/MS
24,25-Dihydroxycholecalciferol 50 pg/mL 10,000 pg/mL Human Plasma LC-MS/MS
Adefovir 0.5 ng/mL 500 ng/mLHuman Plasma LC-MS/MS
Amoxicillin100 ng/mL 20,000 ng/mLHuman Plasma LC-MS/MS
Atomoxetine5 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mLHuman Plasma LC-MS/MS
Budesonide5.0 pg/mL 1,000 pg/mLHuman SerumLC-MS/MS 
Buprenorphine1.0 pg/mL 1, 000 pg/mLHuman Plasma LC-MS/MS
Caffeine20 ng/mL5,000 ng/mL Human Plasma LC-MS/MS
Calcifediol1.0 ng/mL 200 ng/mL Human Plasma LC-MS/MS
Calcitriol10 pg/mL2,000 pg/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Candesartan0.5 ng/mL250 ng/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Ciprofloxacin 5.0 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Clopidogrel carboxylic acid 5.0 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Cortisol 5.0 ng/mL5,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Cortisol40 ng/mL 7,000 ng/mL Human UrineLC-MS/MS
C-Reactive Protein (CRP)1.0 ng/mL100 ng/mLHuman PlasmaELISA
Cyclosporin20 ng/mL 4,000 ng/mLHuman Whole BloodLC-MS/MS
Dextromethorphan10 ng/mL 2,000 ng/mLHuman UrineLC-MS/MS
Dextrorphan100 ng/mL20,000 ng/mL Human UrineLC-MS/MS
Digoxin0.1 ng/mL5.0 ng/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Dihydrotestosterone100 pg/mL 5,000 ng/mLHuman SerumLC-MS/MS
Diltiazem 1.0 ng/mL 250 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Docetaxel 0.5 ng/mL 1,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Exemestane 0.1 ng/mL 25 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Flurbiprofen 0.1 µg/mL20 µg/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Flurbiprofen 0.25 µg/mL 25 µg/mLHuman UrineLC-MS/MS
Fluticasone Propionate 3.0 pg/mL 200 pg/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol 0.5 pg/mL 200 pg/mL Human Plasma (200 µL)LC-MS/MS
Glibenclamide 2.0 ng/mL 1,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Glipizide 5.0 ng/mL 2,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Hydroxyitraconazole 1.0 ng/mL 1,000 ng/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Hydroxymetronidazole 100 ng/mL 10,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Itraconazole 1.0 ng/mL 1,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Ketoconazole10 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Lamivudine 2.0 ng/mL 2,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Lorazepam 1.0 ng/mL 150 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Metformin 10 ng/mL 10,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Methotrexate 5.0 ng/mL 1,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Methotrexate50 ng/mL1,000 ng/mL Human UrineLC-MS/MS
Metronidazole 500 ng/mL 30,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Midazolam0.1 ng/mL 100 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Moxifloxacin 50 ng/mL 7,500 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
N-Acetyl-5-Aminosalicylic Acid (NASA) 5.0 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
N-Acetyl-5-Aminosalicylic Acid (NASA)5.0 µg/mL5,000 µg/mLHuman UrineLC-MS/MS
Norbuprenorphine5.0 pg/mL1,000 pg/mL Human Plasma LC-MS/MS 
O-Desmethyl Venlafaxine 1.0 ng/mL 400 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Omeprazole5.0 ng/mL 2,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Omeprazole Sulphone5.0 ng/mL 2,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Paraxanthine 20 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Pioglitazone 25 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Pioglitazone MIV 25 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Pravastatin 0.1 ng/mL 100 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Prednisolone 0.5 ng/mL 500 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Prednisolone 20 ng/mL 20,000 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Risperidone 0.1 ng/mL100 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Salbutamol 50 pg/mL 10,000 pg/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Salbutamol3.0 ng/mL 1,000 ng/mL Human UrineLC-MS/MS
Salmeterol5.0 pg/mL 1,000 pg/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Salmeterol1.0 pg/mL 200 pg/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Salmeterol and Fluticasone Propionate 0.5 pg/mL200 pg/mLHuman Plasma (200 µL)LC-MS/MS
Simvastatin 0.05 ng/mL 100 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Simvastatin Acid 0.05 ng/mL 100 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Sitagliptin 5.0 ng/mL5000 ng/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Sulfamethoxazole 1.0 µg/mL100 µg/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Testosterone 250 pg/mL50,000 pg/mL
Human SerumLC-MS/MS
Testosterone50 pg/mL25,000 pg/mL Human SerumLC-MS/MS
Tolbutamide10 ng/mL5,000 ng/mLHuman PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Venlafaxine 1.0 ng/mL 400 ng/mL Human PlasmaLC-MS/MS
Warfarin (R & S) 20 ng/mL 5,000 ng/mLHuman Plasma LC-MS/MS

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