Career Opportunities

As the premier, independent, European-based provider of bioanalytical services to the world’s pharmaceutical industry, we have strong ideas about how our employees help us provide a top quality, scientific service to our clients.

Unilabs Bioanalytical Solutions has always been known for its consistent quality. The high standards that distinguish our service also applies to the individuals we recruit. We believe that competitive advantage is achieved through our service and our people and we are constantly looking for individuals who can add value to our teams.

These professional teams cover the following areas:

  • Responsible Scientist (Study Directors)/Scientists
  • Laboratory Analysts
  • QA Auditors
  • Administrative Support
  • Marketing & Client Development

We recognise the importance of providing an environment to our employees in which the individual feels valued and able to develop to the best of their abilities.

We have a state-of-the-art, purpose built laboratory and office facilities on the outskirts of York. Our buildings house our laboratory equipment which includes Waters Xevo TQ-XS (UniSpray), Xevo TQ-S, SCIEX API 5000 and 4000 LC-MS/MS systems, Hamilton Star robots, Spark Holland Symbiosis, Shimadzu Nexera, Waters UPC2 and Waters Acquity UPLC I-Class systems.  In addition our immunoassay facility is equipped with the latest automated systems (MSD) and plate reading technology.  All of our services are supported by the latest LIMS, electronic laboratory notebook and IT systems.

Our Discovery and Metabolism Services group is based at the prestigious  Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent.   Housed in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities the  Discovery and Metabolism services group utilises high resolution mass spectrometers (Waters Vion IMS QTof, Thermo LTQ Orbitrap and Waters Q-ToF), SCIEX 6500, API 4000 and 5000 LC-MS/MS systems, Waters Acquity UPLC, Agilent 1290 Hi Res LC and Hamilton Microlab Star Robotic systems.

Development opportunities are actively promoted across the business and a range of internal and external training programs are available that support personal and organisational development.

We understand the need for a healthy work/life balance and therefore offer flexible working hours and full and part-time opportunities to ensure our employees’ needs for a balanced life are met. We pride ourselves on a highly scientific and professional focus together with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  

Our performance and reward systems are reviewed regularly to ensure we provide a competitive salary and benefits package that reflects our industry.

Deadline: 31 December 2021
Following significant expansion of our DMPK section, we require an experienced scientist to join our friendly, professional team. The successful candidate will play a leading role in the delivery of metabolite characterisation studies in support of human or animal health drug discovery and development, at our facility at Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent.
Deadline: 01 December 2021
We immediately require the following individual to join our friendly, professional team: The successful candidate will act as a Responsible Scientist for the performance of bioanalytical studies in support of human drug development.