Bioanalytical & Biomarker Specialists with a Difference

Unilabs York Bioanalytical Solutions are delivered from GLP certified laboratories in Copenhagen, Denmark and York, UK.

Highly skilled and trained scientists work in an organisation with more than 25 years’ experience in delivering a high quality and professional service to the pharmaceutical industry.

Both sites have experienced in-house independent Quality Assurance (QA) groups, and pride themselves on having one of the highest ratios of QA staff to scientists in the industry. Both sites have extensive experience of audits from sponsors and regulatory authorities, including; MHRA, DKMA and FDA.

The use of industry standard information technology systems ensures that data is collected, stored and supplied to the sponsor in the most secure and time efficient manner. The York site utilises the ThermoFisher Watson™ LIMS system and Labnotes™ electronic laboratory notebook system from Laboratory Data Solutions. The Copenhagen site has the clinical trials laboratory information management system ClinAxys™ from Clinical Systems.

Unilabs Bioanalytical Solutions offers a number of specialised services to the pharmaceutical industry, which include the following:

  • Bioanalytical Services including: bioanalysis, biomarker analysis, routine safety analyses
  • Project management
  • Tailor-made study set-up and study materials
  • Sampling kit management
  • Courier management
  • Data management
  • Long term sample storage