Chromatographic Methods

Our range of state-of-the-art instrumentation includes:

  • AB Sciex™ API 4000, 5000 and TQ 6500+ LC-MS/MS
  • Waters Xevo™ TQ-XS; and TQ-S LC-MS/MS
  • Waters Acquity™ i-Class UPLC
  • Spark Holland Symbiosis™ Pharma
  • Water Acquity™ UPC2 System

We currently have a range of autosamplers available, to minimise or obviate carry-over issues.

We operate proven instrument scheduling policies to vastly enhance reliability and therefore delivery.

Immunoassay Methods

We routinely support the bioanalysis of therapeutic biological entities, and the analysis of biomarkers, using immunoassay techniques.

We can offer development of immunoassay-based methods, as well as expert advice on the selection of appropriate biomarkers for specific therapeutic areas. The fully airconditioned, temperature controlled, immunoassay laboratories at York and Copenhagen are equipped with the latest robotic liquid handling and microwell plate reader technology.

We offer a range of high speed detection techniques for both hapten and macro molecules including colorimetric, absorbance, fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence and chemiluminescence, gamma- and liquid scintillation detection. As with all areas of analysis, we are committed to being able to offer our sponsors the best methodology and detection systems currently available. To this end we have electrochemiluminescence utilising Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) technology for high throughput automated analysis. 

Please contact us for a full list of our instrumentation


We offer expert advice on the selection of appropriate biomarkers for specific therapeutic areas. Our lab in Copenhagen, is able to offer an extensive list of important biomarker assays off-the-shelf. Please contact us for more information, or to receive an up-to-date list of available biomarkers.

Information Technology

State-of-the-art IT support utilising Watson™ LIMS and Labnotes™ electronic data recording software ensures data integrity and facilitates fast turnaround of analysis and report preparation.

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