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Expansion of Metabolism and Discovery Facility
01 June 2016
As part of Unilabs York Bioanalytical Solutions’ (Unilabs YBS) commitment to providing an unparalleled service to its clients, YBS is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its Metabolism and Discovery Services facility based at Discovery Park in Sandwich Kent.

Following a decision to diversify its drug development capabilities, Unilabs launched its Metabolism and Discovery Services group in October 2011, initially providing metabolite characterisation and non-GLP bioanalytical services.  Since its launch, the group has undergone significant and consistent growth and has broadened its services to incorporate quantitative bioanalysis of samples from a wide range of in vivo studies (including PK, efficacy and toxicology), metabolite characterisation from early discovery in vitro experiments to late development radiolabelled studies and a wide range of in vitro assays to determine ADME parameters, including clearance, stability, binding, distribution, absorption and permeability, drug-drug interactions, reactive metabolites and physicochemical properties.

As a result of this continued success, Unilabs YBS has decided to make significant investments to support further expansion of the Metabolism and Discovery Services group in order to increase capacity and further diversify the services provided in support of drug discovery and development programmes.

In order to maintain its position at the cutting edge of technology, Unilabs YBS has invested in the purchase of a VION IMS Q-ToF mass spectrometer. With its high-resolution capability and exquisite sensitivity, the VION will provide unparalleled support for metabolite characterisation as well as quantitative studies.   Furthermore, the ion mobility capability and bespoke elements of the UNIFI software will enable tailored workflows to deliver rapid and detailed metabolism data in support of discovery and development projects.  The instrument will also facilitate the delivery of simultaneous qualitative and quantitative data for key study types, thereby providing more thorough and rapid information on exposure and metabolic fate to enable more timely data-driven decision making. 

In order to continue to provide a high level of expertise in key areas of DMPK science, as well as deliver timely and high quality data, Unilabs YBS is investing in multiple recruitment activities, most notably in the areas of metabolite characterisation, cell-based assays and large molecule analysis.  In this way, the group will augment its ability to provide unparalleled support to existing and new clients via proactive consultation and detailed interpretation of study data.  Furthermore, the group will continue the diversification of its services by providing enhanced expertise in the expanding areas of transporter science and biotherapeutics.

Having trebled in size since its launch in 2011, Unilabs YBS has also invested in additional laboratory and office space for the Discovery and Metabolism Services group as an extension to the existing state-of-the-art facilities at Discovery Park in Sandwich.  The additional space will be used to accommodate the new VION high-resolution mass spectrometer as well as the additional mass spectrometry, automation and associated instrumentation and new recruits required to enable the continued provision of high-quality, rapid data in support of discovery and development projects.