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Logistics and Project Management

The Project Management Team is based in our Copenhagen facility and has many years’ experience in providing a seamless and high quality management service to the pharmaceutical industry. The extensive list of project management and logistics services is detailed below.

Sampling kit management

  • Tailor-made sampling kits
  • Min. 6 months expiry dates on sampling kits
  • Tailor-made laboratory manuals
  • Sampling instruction flow charts
  • Easy to use UN 3373 compliant shipping materials
  • Dry ice provided on request

Courier management

  • Tailor-made courier solutions for each study and site
  • Shipping documents
  • Shipping instructions
  • Local courier contact number
  • Preferred couriers are TNT, Marken and World Courier

Data management

  • Tailor-made database set-up
  • Database set-up agreed up front
  • Oracle Clinical, text or Excel files are standard formats
  • Customised formats on request
  • Electronic file transfer at requested intervals
  • Query resolution

Freezer management

  • Freezer log for all samples
  • Long term storage available 
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