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Innovative Solutions

Delivering innovative commercial solutions for our clients

Read the case studies below outlining some examples of innovative scientific solutions we have delivered for our clients to overcome their bioanalytical challenges and advance their drug development programmes. 

"How Low Can You Go?" - Small Molecule Bioanalysis

Quantification required for a basic drug and two metabolites to support a clinical study. Highly potent drug with a Cmax of 4 pg/mL. Existing methodologies had a LLOQ of 1-2 pg/mL and did not adequately describe the absorption and elimination phases.  The customer asked “How low can you go?”  - Target LLOQ 100 fg/mL.

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Therapeutic Peptide in Milk - Large Molecule Bioanalysis

Customer required low pg/mL quantification of a therapeutic peptide in rat milk. Customer had previously had limited success in developing the milk method.

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FIH Twice Weekly Fast Turnaround - Clinical Bioanalysis

Customer required routine twice weekly fast turnaround of first in human (FIH) samples from a clinic based in continental Europe to enable rapid progression of the clinical program.

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Small Polar Analytes - Discovery Bioanalysis

Rapid LC-MS/MS quantification required for a series of small polar analytes in dried blood spots (DBS).  Standard generic chromatography routinely used in early screening discovery bioanalysis was incompatible due to the physicochemical properties of the analyte series.

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Unstable Metabolites - Small Molecule Bioanalysis

Quantification required for small molecule pro-drug, drug and two unstable metabolites to support clinical study.  Target LLOQ: 10 pg/mL for all four analytes.  Customer had been unsuccessful with developing the method at another CRO.

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