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Enhancing Biomarker Analysis: Quantitation of Uric Acid from a Dried Blood Spot
Authors:Jill Segelbacher, Julian Haynes and Angus Nedderman
Presented / Published:Poster Presentation: DMDG/JPAG symposium: new approaches in bioanalysis and analytical technologies, London
Publication Date:16 May 2013

Publication Information:
Uric acid measurement is an important tool in the diagnosis of gout or renal disease. Allopurinol and its active metabolite oxypurinol inhibit the synthesis of uric acid by action on the enzyme xanthine oxidase.
We have developed a quantitative method for uric acid and oxypurinol in rat dried blood spots (DBS), using methyluric acid as an internal standard.

JPAG_DMDG_Poster_2013 Uric Acid.pdf

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