Biographer - Winter 2010
Winter 2010
In this issue:
31st BMSS 3-Day Meeting
58th ASMS Conference
Eleventh Annual Land O’Lakes Bioanalytical Conference
Immunoassay Update
EBF Workshop: Connecting Strategies on Dried Blood Spots
Forth Annual Gyrolab Seminar
David J Browne, Business Development Manager
Mohammed Abrar, Method Development Manager
Since our last edition there have been some changes at Unilabs – York Bioanalytical Solutions. Firstly the new branding for the combination of the Copenhagen and York laboratories has been officially unveiled. Secondly there is a new Editor for Biographer, with David Browne stepping into the breach. There has also been a good deal of upheaval in our industry, with the continued announcements of R&D facilities being downsized or closed altogether, with pipelines still not showing the strength expected and with the number of suitable candidates entering the later stages of development being disappointing. ...Read more
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