Biographer - Spring/Summer 2006
cover spring summer 2006
In this issue:
The vagaries of Bioanalytical support for Phase II/III studies
Crystal City III Meeting Report
New immunoassay service launched
YBS roll out the new web version of Labnotes and beta test the new notebook (ELN) environment
Watson version – YBS experiences since validation in March 2005
The Boston Society for Advanced Therapeutics Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis: Regulated Bioanalysis Workshop
Determination of hydrophobic analytes in urine: Pitfalls and strategies
Well, it has been a while since our last issue of Biographer, and we can only apologise for the absence. The truth is workload, conference attendance and visits over the past year has escalated to new heights with little time to relate events to our Biographer readers. Nevertheless, all of this increased activity has fuelled a mega Spring/Summer 2006 edition in which we can proudly announce "Biographer is definitely back!" ...Read more
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