Symbiosis Pharma: Online SPE at YBS
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is widely used in bioanalytical laboratories to prepare samples for chromatographic analysis. SPE employs chromatographic principles to retain analytes of interest, whilst allowing unwanted components of the sample to be flushed away. The technique offers several advantages over alternative modes of sample preparation: it is more selective than simple protein precipitation, and thus reduces matrix-related modification of ionisation effects when used with LC-MS(/MS), and it avoids many of the problems associated with conventional liquid-liquid extraction. ‘Traditional’ SPE employs 20-40 micron particles packed in individual plastic cartridges or, more recently, 96-well plates. A low positive pressure or a vacuum is used to generate a flow of sample or solvent through the sorbent bed. Most SPE materials require conditioning steps to activate the sorbent. Once activated, the sample is loaded on to the SPE column under conditions designed to retain the analytes of interest as selectively as possible. Unwanted matrix components are washed away and the analytes then eluted from the column.
“A major benefit of the Symbiosis system compared to a traditional off-line SPE is the reproducible high pressure process. High pressure syringes ensure accurate delivery of SPE solvents, so that each sample is processed using the same solvent volumes and flow-rates.”
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